Instrument: Sax

At The Root Of Perfection

RENEWABLE. SUSTAINABLE. INCOMPARABLE. Perfection. Here, in the Var region of France, on the Mediterranean Sea, it begins with the expertly monitored soil of our cane fields. We cultivate and harvest at the most ideal times to ensure the very best cane for our product. At the root of every clarinet and saxophone is the reed, and at the root of every Vandoren reed is an heirloom Arundo donax seedling.


There Is No Second Best

GENUINE. PRECISE. CONSISTENT. Vandoren delivers only the finest quality to musicians. Only after two years of aging and two years of drying do we select the best of our cane for shaping and grading before a reed earns the Vandoren Supérieure quality designation. It is our belief that all musicians, regardless of age or level, deserve the finest quality reeds to produce the best music.


A Labor Of Love

EXCEPTIONAL. EXPRESSIVE. ACCOMMODATING. Our passion to design and produce perfect mouthpieces is a relentless one that blends state-of-the-art technology with traditional, handmade craftsmanship. The result is a consistency you can rely on from one Vandoren mouthpiece to the next. This allows musicians of all levels to express their inner music.


There's No Harmony Without Balance

STABLE. FRESH. REVOLUTIONARY. At Vandoren, we deliver consistency. Optimal humidity levels are vital to the quality of the life of a reed. Since we cannot control the climate conditions when our products leave our factory, we developed the revolutionary Flow Pack to maintain humidity levels and keep our product factory fresh in whatever climate it is opened.


The Vandoren Trinity

INNOVATIVE AND ELEGANT. Regaled as the finest in the world, our mouthpieces are handcrafted to produce rich, sonorous tones. And our masterfully crafted, precision-cut reeds enable musicians to reach new heights. When matched with a Vandoren ligature, they're a trinity of artful craftsmanship that brilliantly compliment one another to produce the most exquisite sound. Our impeccable ligature designs optimize the vibration of the reed to enrich the sound created by the mouthpiece.


Dispelling Myths

OVER 100 YEARS OF EXPERIENCE YOU CAN TRUST. For over a century now, our family has been refining the art of reed making. From our cane fields to our workshops where our world-renown reeds are created, to the final packaging of our product, we focus on every detail of the entire process. There are many misperceptions about reeds. With over 100 years in the business, we've heard them all. And we've disproved many. But it seems as soon as we clear the air, more reed misunderstandings crop up. Here are some of the most current myths...

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